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How We've Helped Others

Haley T

I can honestly say the 11th Step House has saved my life. As a "low-bottom addict", I never thought recovery was even possible until I stepped through these doors and my life took a turn I never foresaw....

Emily F

I went back to
college and am now a Registered Nurse. I have traveled to over twenty countries. I found
that I am passionate about...

Sarah H

I know that I have a family at the 11th Step with Linda, Mercedes, and the wonderful group of girls. The lonely, apathetic feeling I had every day when I was drinking doesn't live inside of me anymore.

Kelly B

They truly cared for me the way that you would be cared for by a family member. That kind of love is hard to come by... I learned not just to stay sober, but also to actually live sober...

This is where our garden grows in the mountains of Asheville, North Carolina

More Women That We've Helped...

Brandi W

You showed me that true meaning of unconditional love as you taught me how to love myself. I was given a safe place to practice all of the new values and principles I was being taught.

Chasty W

I will always hold the 11 th Step House and everyone in it very close to my heart. I never thought it would actually be hard to leave here.

Sharon C

Today I am a grateful, thankful, humble woman...I am now clean and sober for over 9 years, a Certified Substance Abuse Counselor, and a successful business owner...

Diana S

You had confidence in me and have helped me build my own confidence. You were there when I needed to talk and for that I thank you.

Rocking Sobriety In The Mountains Of Asheville, North Carolina

More Testimonies From Our Ladies and Their Families

Cindy M Testimony

December 2016

To whom it may concern:

In September 2015, my husband and I walked through the doors of the 11th Step House in Asheville, North Carolina as nervous parents looking for a sober living home for our 24 year old daughter. My daughter was finishing up a 90 day treatment program in Sevierville, TN (the best ever) and they were recommending she go to a sober living facility as her next step, so we (myself, husband, daughter) went out searching for options. (Just for the record, this was not our first rodeo) We are from out of state and had no knowledge of Asheville.

After visiting other homes, we visited 11th Step House. We all felt something when we walked through the door. All three of us agreed that it was the place, which was probably the first time we had agreed in 6 years.

The 11th Step House became home to our daughter in October 2015. Linda and Mercedes wrapped their arms around our daughter and provided her with the love, discipline and guidance she needed to get through the difficult journey. She was 650 miles away from home in a strange town, fresh out of rehab. I feel sure she wasn’t a happy camper in the beginning. The women of this house become family. They are taught how to live in the real world as individuals. They are loved and love each other beyond words. They also learn to be there for each other and they do that so well.

In May, our daughter decided to go back to school and enrolled for the summer semester, then enrolled full-time in the fall. She has just registered for spring 2017. She has her confidence back and is soaring. She has a plan and is determined to make it happened. She works her program. She has been clean and sober for 17 months.

In October 2016, she celebrated one year of living at the 11th Step House and moved to her own place. She didn’t run away from it, she had a plan and moved out like an adult, with the support and encouragement of Linda and Mercedes. She returns to the house regularly for ‘family’ night, dinner, movie watch party, or just to see those who have become her family. They’ve also become our family.
We are forever grateful to Linda and Mercedes for being there for our family and believing in so many wonderful women that have walked through their doors. I’m also thankful to them for standing up for our daughters when those in the corporate facilities put finances in front of recovery.

Happy Holidays,

Cindy M

The 11th Step House Team

Linda Steward

Linda Steward, Director has been participating in the sober living arena with a high success rate since 1986. She is a charter Member of the Orange County, Sober Living Coalition. She holds her CSAC 1 certificate in drug and alcohol counseling. Linda’s greatest desire is to see women come through the house and be successful in living sober.

Mercedes Ziegler

Mercedes Ziegler, Asst. Director has been on Staff since 2001. She successfully completed the NAB Leadership Training, devoted 2 years to Bible study at the Walter Hoving Home in Pasadena, California. And is equally committed to the 12 Step recovery process.


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