All I can say is good bye 2016 and hello 2017. The 11 th Step House has a new website that will light up your eyes, we are excited, new logo and all! Get ready I am discovering blogging, a place where I can talk and no one can shut me up!  Well you don’t have to visits my site, but I hope you will find my blogging to be informative and entertaining.  So, don’t leave before the miracle happens!  OK my first gift to you is the 11th Step snack.  The ladies love these and they are the most healthily yummy stuff you can eat.  We call them Linda’s Luscious Brussel Sprouts. Pre-heat oven to HI/broil and place rack near the bottom of the oven. Wash Brussel sprouts and leak.

Discard any old leaves, pat dry, slice thinly, about ¼ “thick, and arrange all on large cookie sheet after spraying with cooking spray. Place Brussel Sprouts and Leaks evenly on cookie sheet with leaks on top. Sprinkle Brussel Sprouts and Leaks generously with garlic powder, pink sea salt, and onion salt to taste. Drip with Extra Virgen Olive Oil generously and broil in your hot oven for about 10 minutes or until the

Linda’s Luscious Brussel Sprouts/Leaks are brown on top, but not black. Serve from pan with fingers right out of the oven is the best!! This is our healthy snack, yum, yum, yum!

Enjoy! more to come – – –

Mercedes Ziegler,
Assistant Director, 11 th Step House
1-30- 17

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