Experience Freedom Through Our
Alcohol and Drug Addiction Recovery Program

With the 11th Step House, you can increase healthy practices and eliminate unhealthy habits in a loving and supporting environment.

Why 11th Step House?

  • An onsite, passionate mentor who lives to see others grow and beat crippling dependencies
  • Over 30 years of assisted living experience
  • Has led hundreds of women to a happier and healthier life
  • A loving and safe living environment with high living standards
  • Necessities and essentials provided, such as food and linens
  • Located in the beautiful Asheville area, five minutes from the downtown area
  • Hundreds of 12-step meetings available in the area
  • Full access to a media center

Services to Assist Your Addiction Recovery

  • Onsite counseling available to all
  • Yoga and Art Therapy (?)
  • Provided relapse prevention methods
  • Conflict resolution; solving problems rather than running from them

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