Attn: Linda and Mercy
11th Step House

I am extending to you great thanks for allowing me the opportunity to stay at the 11th Step House. My time with you has been truly invaluable and I have learned many things that I will take with me as I continue my recovery process.

Since my stay here at the 11th Step House I had the opportunity to learn who I was as an individual. My sense of trust in God has grown immensely, and it was through your repeated reminder to do the footwork and place the outcome in God’s hands. You believed in me and encouraged me. You had confidence in me and have helped me build my own confidence. You were there when I needed to talk and for that I thank you. You taught me humility and patience. You also taught me to be courageous, and now I am venturing out on my own at this time in my recovery.

Although I’m still working on setting boundaries, you were there to help me sort through my problems and build a stronger sense of self. I appreciate all you’ve done for me, and I will miss you greatly – as well as the women living there who are also in recovery.

I wish you all the best and love all of you!