September 26, 2016

I can honestly say the 11th Step House has saved my life. As a "low-bottom addict", I never thought recovery was even possible until I stepped through these doors and my life took a turn I never foresaw. The two years prior to arriving at the 11th Step House was spent in and out of nine treatment facilities, countless detoxes, jail and homelessness.

I had given up all together and accepted I was due to die a drug addict. Under court orders, I was dragged to this halfway house that I assumed would be as short-lived as my other attempts at sobriety. The first few days I spent planning my escape, but something I can't explain kept me here long enough for a miracle to happen. I can't put my finger on exactly what changed for me this go-round other than the impact the 11th Step House and its owners had on me. The owners, Mercedes and Linda, are the two most compassionate, selfless, and kindhearted women I've ever encountered.

I think seeing those altruistic characteristics in them was what initially caused me to stick around- the fact that they TRULY cared unlike any other halfway manager, rehab counselor, etc. Their faith and exuberance continue to inspire me to this day. Their eccentricities and radiance of pure love make my heart full and put a smile on my face every day. The way they run their halfway house is sometimes seen as unorthodox, but I believe that is what I needed and what kept me here. They give you the freedom to make your own decisions while remaining readily involved, guiding you in the right direction or at least being there to counsel you through the mistakes you make.

I appreciate that they aren't domineering dictators- the two of them feel like family. We all, including the other girls that make it in our house, have a mutual respect for each other, and we get the opportunity to accompany each other on this incredibly beautiful path of recovery. I could literally rhapsodize over the 11th Step House to no end, but matter-of-factly I strongly suggest this Sober Living House to any women searching for peace in recovery. I truly found a family I never knew I was looking for.

Haley Tunstall