11-25- 14

Moving to Asheville is something that I never thought would become a part of my path in life, but that’s the beautiful part about it. After treatment I was looking for sober living homes, in which I could continue to grow in my sobriety. While working with the treatment team and through some NCAA bracket style elimination, the 11 th Step Sober Living House for Women in Asheville, NC won out.

The first night I arrived at the house, one of my roommates said, “I’m adding you to my gratitude list, because I am thankful you’re not a weirdo.” Admittedly it was hilarious, but it was this kind of open and welcome gratefulness that I received when I arrived, and this kind of accepting, open, jovial, convivial, and albeit comical sentiment carried throughout my stay at the 11 th Step House.

While living at the 11 th step House I got two jobs coaching field hockey and Strength and Conditioning at a local boarding school. By the way Linda and Mercy supported and reacted to my successes, you would have believed that I had qualified for the Olympics and had been asked to coach the National Team.

Not only was their support crucial to my tangible successes, but they also supported me emotionally when I was having a tough time with a player, or was just run down from working long hours. They truly cared for me the way that you would be cared for by a family member. That kind of love is hard to come by.

With that being said, make sure you do your chores or you’ll end up getting woken up by Mercy singing some bloodcurdling rendition of New York, New York. Overall, the 11 th Step House is where I learned not just to stay sober, but also to actually live sober.

I learned to take more responsibility for myself and my actions, how to open up and made tons of friends in the fellowship, to work with my sponsor daily to keep myself right for today, to get a job that made me happy, and to keep my sobriety my number one priority. If you want what I have, this is the place to get it.

Kelly B.