October 2016

From Darkness to Light

I thought I had it made in 2005. 3 Cars, Nice New Condominium, and plenty of money. But all I had was a "Lie" and the Devil encouraging me to live that Lie, Day by Day. In my mind "I" was in recovery. Of course, "I" could tell everybody else how to get clean, but "I" was not doing what "I" needed to do for "Me". No meetings, No coping skills, No support, and GOD sometimes. By the time I got to the 11th Step House.12/2007, I had lost it ALL and almost lost me! By the grace of GOD, Linda Steward agreed to take me in straight out of Inpatient Treatment and this is what happened next....

Through the 11th Step House I learned about the following: Humbleness, Acceptance, Forgiveness, Conflict Resolution, and Love. I learned to love myself, GOD, and others. Today I am a Grateful, Thankful, Humble, GOD fearing Woman. I am now Clean and Sober for over 9 years, a Certified Substance Abuse Counselor, and a successful Business Owner......

My Goal in Life is to Love GOD and to Love and help others. It's Not Dark Any Longer. I truly see the Light!